RECARO Office Chairs

Performance Series

The RECARO Performance Series Chairs were inspired by their automotive race chairs.

Performance Series Chair features include:

 - Bolsters on Backrest and Cushion

 - Tall and Fluidly Adjustable Backrest Tilt

 - Triple Chamber Adjustable Air Lumbar

 - 2D or 4D Armrests


Weight Rating of up to 275 lbs

User Height up to 6'3"

2 Year Warranty on entire chair

Advantage Series
RECARO Commander Series / Specialist / EX II / Executive / Commander / Titan distributed by SeatWorks LLC

The RECARO Advantage Series Chairs give you the RECARO feel with long lasting comfort in an office chair.

Advantage Series Chair features include:

 - Slight Bolsters on Backrest and Cushion (varies    per chair)

 - Fluidly Adjustable Backrest Tilt

 - 2D or 4D Armrests

 - RECARO Tilt Up Armrests

 (available on Executive, Commander, & Titan)

 - LiquiCell Technology in Bottom Cushion

 (available on Executive, Commander, & Titan)

Weight/Height Ratings:

Specialist- up to 250 lbs and up to 6'2"

EX II- up to 275 lbs and up to 6'3"

Executive- up to 325 lbs and up to 6'4"

Commander- up to 300 lbs and up to 6'4"

Titan- up to 350 lbs and up to 6'4"

2 Year Warranty on entire chair